Pick and Place/Robots

Automatic Tool Company

Cam Style Pick and Place Units

Perry, MI (formerly of Rockford, IL)
(517) 625-4112

ATC Campacer C-450

These rugged, high speed pick and place units are available in a variety of motions and strokes to fit the most demanding automation application. AC, DC, Pneumatic, or Line Shaft drive packages are also available.

Three Motion Styles Available:

  • Campacer:
    • Linear Pick and Place
    • 11 Standard Sizes
    • Lift and Transfer Capacities from 1" x 2" to 150mm x 1000mm
  • Robotran:
    • Rotary/Linear Pick and Place
    • 5 Standard Sizes
    • Lift Capacities from 1.5" to 7"
    • Rotate from 45 to 180 degrees
  • Maxi-Tran:
    • Walking Beam Transfer
    • 7 Standard Sizes
    • Lift and Transfer Capacities from 1"x2" to 6"x24"

Custom Motions and Transfers are available!

Standard Features Include:

  • Two Axis Overload Protection
  • Smooth Precision Cam Motions
  • Exclusive "Thin-Line" Design with Tool Platten Centrally Located
  • Heavy Duty Low Friction Guides
  • Hardened Cams
  • Sealed Bearings

For more information visit the Automatic Tool Company Website or contact APTEK Inc. for sales, technical, or application assistance.